At Dee Packaging Solutions, we take our corporate responsibilities seriously. We are dedicated to providing, not only the best service and products to our clients, but also creating a company culture and corporate code that will leave a positive impression through our business practices. With multiple certifications, we recognize our duty and embrace the use of sustainable practices in our business, ensuring the future of our planet for the coming generations.

Because our clients span a diverse range of market segments and product types, coast-to-coast, we work with multiple agencies to ensure our operations reflect conscientious business practices, on local and national levels . Dee Packaging Solutions is also continually exploring municipal programs and stewardship opportunities with local and federal agencies to better its practices, working to leave the least carbon footprint possible.



Sustainability begins with a change in how you think. We’ve shifted our thinking and our behavior at Dee Packaging Solutions , from the very personal recycling efforts of individuals to the broader, company wide energy conservation practices we follow. It’s not just the changing of light bulbs, but a fundamental shift in our stewardship of the Earth’s resources, and how we regard our obligation to all life on the planet, now and for future generations. For example, ALL plant chemicals & solvents we use are recovered and reprocessed. All paperboard products are FORESTED, RENEWABLE and RECYCLABLE.


We recognize the need to be responsible stewards of the environment, and we embrace our role enthusiastically. That’s why we developed our Environmental Stewardship Program.

It’s a comprehensive, dynamic initiative that will evolve and improve over time. It is designed to work for everyone in the Dee Packaging Solutions community — our clients, our employees, our manufacturing plant, our office, and our local communities.

Some of the highlights of our Environmental Stewardship Program are:

  • Reduction in energy of more than 20% by installing energy efficient lighting, AC and appliances
  • Expanded recycling initiatives to include plastic, wood and paper products
  • Elimination / reduction of materials & chemicals once used in production process by installing state of the art technology.
  • Reduction of landfill deposits by overall recycling initiatives.
  • Our lean manufacturing initiative resulted in approximately 1,383 recycled tons of paper annually. This translates to saving the planet approximately:
    • 83,000,000 – Gallons of Water
    • 23,511 – Trees
    • 4,564 – Cubic yards of landfill space