Health + Beauty Industry

Health + Beauty Packaging Needs to Make A Statement

The Health and Beauty industry is one of the largest grossing, and fastest growing, industries in the world. With several new beauty lines launching annually, we know the importance packaging plays in the success of a brand. Packaging options for Health and Beauty products have also opened up the doors to greater creativity, allowing brands to experiment with an array of carton styles and imaginative printing processes. Perfume packaging, cosmetic cartons etc, now incorporate much of the personality of the brand as the key sales tool.

  • Counter Displays
  • Tuck Cartons
  • Auto-Lock Bottom Cartons
  • Set-up Cartons
  • Telescoping Cartons
  • Hinged Cartons
  • Specialty Designed Machine-filled Cartons

Printing/Coating Options:

  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing / Debossing
  • 8 Color Printing
  • UV Matte + Gloss Coating
  • Spot + Soft Touch Coating

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