Specifications and Procedures for Artwork Submission

I. Package Structure to be Approved.

a.) A sample of the CAD (computer-aided design) structure is to be created by the CAD Department and signed by the client for approval.
b.) After signed CAD is received back from the client, the approved CAD file is to be sent to the client so that the artist can place the artwork on the correct die line. This file will also be used by Dee Packaging Solutions to check the customer supplied artwork for placement.

II. Artwork Files to be Provided to Prepress Department
a.) Prepress Department must receive artwork files from client via CD, DVD, e-mail or uploading through our website at www.deepkg.com.
b.) Please prepare ALL files in Adobe Illustrator in cmyk color mode. We recommend outlining all fonts, however, please supply a second file with live type in order to make type changes.
c.) Art files should be built with 1/8” bleed past the cutting knife.
d.) We recommend positive type be no smaller that 4pt., although we are able to hold type as small as 3pt., but it may be too small for some people to read. For negative type, we recommend nothing smaller than 4pt. Positive rules should be no thinner that .25pt and negative not thinner that .5pt
d.) Files should be set up with the proper separations indicated. Use the Separations Preview Pallet in Illustrator to ensure the file has the correct number of separations.
e.) Trapping will be performed in house at .004”, with rich black pull-back at .002”. Any trapping done outside will be the responsibility of the outside agency.
e.) Use the “Package” function to collect files into a folder and compress the folder before upload.
f.) Files will then be pre-flighted by the Prepress Department to ensure proper production. Any file issues at this point will be relayed to the Customer Service Department and the Salesperson.

III. Artwork Proof to be Generated for Final Approval

a.) The Prepress Department will generate a proof and proof approval slip. This proof will be accurate for process colors and simulate spot colors. The paper will be on proofing paper and not accurate for the actual substrate.
b.) The proof will be put through a series of quality control checks within the department.
c.) The proof will then be sent to the CAD Department to be mounted on board, cut to the actual CAD, then folded and glued to spec.

IV. Artwork Proof to be Approved by Client

a.) If all is correct with the proof, the client is to sign the inside label on the proof and Return to Dee Paper.
b.) If the proof requires changes, the changes should be marked appropriately on the proof and the Corresponding instructions should be checked on the proof slip.
c.) After the Prepress Department receives final approval and the signed proof back from the client, the artwork is considered approved and ready to go to planning.
d.) All approved artwork files, plate files and proofs will be kept on record in the Prepress Department for accurate reproduction on future orders.